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Inhabiting the surface
An Insatiable Search 


About the exhibition

In the desperate pursuit of "perfection," we discover the pleasure of transforming the body; a placebo for insecurities. However, changing THE SURFACE fails to satisfy the emptiness that travels like a train into the deepest bowels, accompanied by images and memories that voraciously devour the self-esteem within, leaving gaps like black holes that make us forget the essential.

The search becomes increasingly constant, turning into a nightmare where a monster with hands like shackles resides, holding you tightly, not allowing you to wake up. While the body sleeps, it absorbs endorphins and spits red wine onto the skin.

Now that scars no longer matter, eyes eagerly await the change, planting themselves in the mirror; an indispensable window that opens to a beautiful landscape, stimulating the arrival of the fleeting orgasm, an immense landscape that, like a lens, reveals every small detail. Details that hide what once brought us satisfaction and make us hear again the closing of two large shackles.

And it's never enough; it never has been. Perhaps another visit to Praxiteles will erase, with his knife, the hatred and this desperate, INSATIABLE SEARCH.

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